A Backupsaveset transmitted with FTP is unreadable


The /REPAIR qualifier to the BACKUP command will fix the characteristics of a backup save set. In the example, a backup saveset was copied to another node using FTP in binary mode. This corrupted the file characteristics of the saveset. The /REPAIR qualifier was used to repair this.

$ backup/list x.bck/save_set Listing of save set(s)
%BACKUP-E-POSERROR, error positioning $22$DKA300:[WILLIAMS]X.BCK;3 
%RMS-F-IOP, operation invalid for file organization or device
%BACKUP-E-READERRS, excessive error rate reading $22$DKA300:[WILLIAMS]X.BCK;3
%BACKUP-E-BLOCKCRC, software block CRC error
%BACKUP-I-OPERSPEC %BACKUP-I-OPERASSIST, operator assistance has been requested Interrupt

$ backup/list x.bck/save_set/repair Listing of save set(s)
%BACKUP-I-REPAIRED, saveset attributes changed to RFM=FIX, MRS=32256
Save set:          X.BCK
Written by:        WILLIAMS
UIC:               [000007,000006]
Date:               9-JUL-2007 10:55:42.63
Command:           BACK LOGIN.COM X.BCK/SAVE
Operating system:  OpenVMS Alpha version V8.3
BACKUP version:    V8.3
CPU ID register:   80000000
Node name:         _CLASS2::
Written on:        _$22$DKA300:
Block size:        32256
Group size:        10
Buffer count:      1238
[WILLIAMS]LOGIN.COM;56                                      4  30-APR-2007 16:00
Total of 1 file, 4 blocks End of save set

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