A user with CMEXEC privilege may use the SET WATCH FILE command to monitor selected file activity. This command supports and requires one qualifier; that is /CLASS. This qualifier requires a keyword value identifying which class of activity to enable or disable. Placing NO in front of the keyword disable the specified activity monitoring.

File Activity Classes  ALL Enable all file activity monitoring.

ATTACHED Undetermined
ATTRIBUTE Reading and writing of file attributes; such as done with the directory command.
CONTROL_FUNCTION Use of file system control functions.
DIRECTORY_OPERATIONS Modifications to directories by creating, deleting and renaming files.
DUMP Dump contents of File Information Blocks (FIB).
MAJOR_FUNCTIONS Log activities for major functions including file lookup, access and deaccess.
NONE Turn off all file activity monitoring.
QUOTA_OPERATIONS Activity associated with changes to disk quotas and usage.

The SET WATCH command has it's history based in the days of TOPS-10.

$ set watch file/class=(all,nodump)
%XQP, Thread #0, Deaccess (930,5,0) Reads: 6, Writes: 0, Status: 00000001
$ directory /size=all /date /width=file=40;

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