Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1990. All rights reserved

COMPONENT: Terminal OP/SYS: VMS, Version 4.n
VMS, Version 5.n

SOURCE: Digital Customer Support Center


This article describes how to draw lines and boxes on VT1xx, VT2xx,
and VT3xx terminals. It also provides the Line Drawing Character Set
for drawing other figures.


The following escape sequences assign and load the character sets into the terminal buffers:

< ESC>)0 (Escape = Decimal 27) Assigns DEC Special Character Set to G1.
^N (Decimal 14 - "Shift Out") Maps the G1 character set into GL.
^O (Decimal 15 - "Shift In") Maps the G0 character set into GL.

The following is a listing of the DEC Character Set ASCII symbols that will be replaced with the actual DEC Special Character Set when mapped to GL:

DEC Special Character Set


_ Blank
` Solid Diamond
a Checkerboard
b "HT"
c "FF"
d "CR"
e "LF"
f Degree Sign
g Plus/Minus Sign
h "NL"
i "VT"
j Lower-Right Corner
k Upper-Right Corner
l Upper-Left Corner
m Lower-Left Corner
n Crossing Lines
o Horizontal Line, scan 1
p Horizontal Line, scan 3
q Horizontal Line, scan 5
r Horizontal Line, scan 7
s Horizontal Line, scan 9
t Left "T"
u Right "T"
v Bottom "T"
w Top "T"
x Vertical Bar
y Less Than or Equal Sign
z Greater Than or Equal Sign
{ Greek Letter pi
| Not Equal Sign
} Pound Sign
~ Middle Dot


1) Simple box:

< ESC)0
x              x
x              x
x              x
x              x
x              x
x              x

2) Box with text inserted:

Note that this example contains an escape sequence for cursor
positioning. It is "<ESC>[NC", where N is the number of
characters to move. The first line of this example will clear
the screen.

< ESC>)0^Nlqqqqqqqqqqqqqwqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqwqqqqqqqqqqqqqk
x<ESC>[13Cx^O<ESC>[2CTest Box With<ESC>[3C^Nx^O<ESC>[4C^N<ESC>[9Cx
x<ESC>[13Cx^O<ESC>[2CText Inserted<ESC>[3C^Nx^O<ESC>[13C^Nx

NOTE: In both examples the characters <ESC>, ^O, and ^N must be
changed to the actual escape sequences.

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